Andrew Bradt


Windsor, ON, Canada based multi-disciplinary artist, Andrew Bradt, navigates improvised live performances, installation, sound design, acousmatic multi-channel composition, and graphic design.  His skills as a software developer also enable him to incorporate coding as an essential tool in most of his works.

In his abstract works, such as acousmatic music and improvised electroacoustic performances under the moniker, Crude Flame, Andrew embraces the unique constraints of each practice. With acousmatic compositions, he indulges in maximalism, meticulousness, and the freedom from real-time considerations. As an improviser, he avoids fixed media, (aside from live obfuscation of field recordings), finding solace and excitement in the ritualistic and fleeting nature of improvisation.

Installation works, in stark contrast, employ sound as a tool to enhance conceptual themes before concerning himself with its aesthetic traits. In a 2023 exhibit with his sister Kristina Bradt, the duo employs sound to confront listeners with sound objects to bring attention to overlooked sonic traits, both in popularized spaces in the region as well as concealing microphones in the exhibit itself, encouraging attendees to contemplate even their short-term memory.

Curiosity is the common thread underlying all of Andrew's artistic endeavours, whether exploring the stream of consciousness, people's memories, experiences, or the creation of code, systems, and electronics. Graduating with a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University in May 2021, Andrew continues to cultivate a diverse and exploratory artistic practice.

Lyra Improvisations


Acousmatic Works



VR Theatre
Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Engineer

NO PLACEBO, written by Cristina Burduja, was revisioned into a VR theatre performance under the direction of Andrei Mamal.  The work was also featured in the exhibition We Shall Sometime Come to Someplace  at the VAV Gallery in Montreal.

Marić at the Lake

Sound Designer, Composer

Marić at the Lake is a devised, image-based creation which was performed at the DB Clarke Theatre in Montreal. 

Sound design and compositions created in collaboration with Savion Achod.


Dance, Theatre
2019, 2020

An hour-long interdisciplinary show made by sequencing 60 one-minute compositions by 60 Concordia music students.  Every piece is choreographed by dancers and actors, with some inclusion of visual media.  Each performance took place at the DB Clarke Theatre in Montreal.

pandemic studies no.1

Audio, Video

pandemic studies no.1 is an audio/video composition without a theme or narrative.  The composition was realized by revisiting the artist’s earlier approaches to creation, which involved the use of meticulously editing recorded sounds, while still utilizing the artist’s more common approaches with synthesis and self-generating sound.  The video for the work was created by using the composition to manipulate various parameters pertaining to video and 3D rendering.  The work also features photographs taken by Clare Chasse.


Live Electronic Music, Fixed Audio/Visual Media

Composed and performed in collaboration with Dorian Bell, James Lewis-Healey, and William Wattley at Concordia University.  Video by Dorian Bell and James Lewis-Healey.

No Net Techno

Live Electronic Music

A fully-improvised techno jam session as part of Noiseborder Festival at the University of Windsor.  Improvisers include David Bergeron, Sarah Kelly, and Martin Schiller.  Video installation by Yiru Chen.